Revolutionising payments at the Chelsea Flower Show with Rvvup PayNow

Revolutionising payments at the Chelsea Flower Show with Rvvup PayNow
Revolutionising payments with Rvvup PayNow

We are delighted to announce our state-of-the-art payment solution, Rvvup PayNow, made its debut appearance at the prestigious Chelsea Flower Show this year with Oxley’s Furniture. This innovative solution is designed to simplify and enhance the payment experience for both merchants and customers needing to support payments on the go.

In person payments with Rvvup PayNow

Key Benefits of Rvvup PayNow:

  1. Versatile Payment Options: The QR code gives customers the option to choose their preferred payment method, whether it's Pay by Bank (open banking), cards, or Apple Pay. This flexibility ensures a convenient experience for everyone.
  2. Convenience: Businesses can operate the Rvvup PayNow app on their phone or tablet to generate a QR code for their customers, eliminating the need for costly physical machines with their high fees and annual contracts.
  3. There’s no set up: Once you’ve onboarded, you can start straight away – there’s nothing to integrate.
  4. Speed and Security: Transactions are processed swiftly and securely, minimising wait times and enhancing customer experience. What’s more, because you can apply your brand to the UX, you convey the assurance to customers that the payment experience is with the brand they know and trust, i.e you!
  5. Ease of reporting: The PayNow solution provides intuitive, user-friendly payment experiences for consumers, whilst consolidating transactional data across all digital channels into a single reporting dashboard for simpler book-keeping and reconciliation.
  6. Innovation at its Best: By leveraging the latest technology in open banking and digital payments, Rvvup PayNow is at the forefront of the fintech revolution, bringing cutting-edge convenient solutions to everyday scenarios.
Simon Hudson (Oxley's) & Graham O'Regan (Rvvup) at Oxley's exhibition stand

Want to find out more?

With Rvvup you can cater to all consumer choices and easily enable the combination of payment methods for optimal conversion. Enable Cards, A2A - Pay by Bank, Buy-Now-Pay-Later, Wallets all with a simple toggle, and rearrange your payment stack with drag and drop – no tech skills needed. 

What’s more, all of your reporting, financial operations and reconciliation are consolidated into one dashboard, enabling new insights greatly simplifying your financial operations. 

So, if you like simplicity and conversion, we think it’s worth checking out how Rvvup can do the same for your digital payments.

About Oxley’s Furniture:
Oxley's furniture produces bespoke, luxury outdoor furniture using recycled aluminium in classic designs. They have been producing fine quality fabricated and sand cast aluminium outdoor furniture from their Cotswold factory since 1991.